Take one person who, at the age of twenty five was moved when viewing an exhibition of antique quilts, and mix it with her art school practice of drawing, colour, line, and abstraction. Stir in a passion for cloth, stitching and making, together with a love of the rural landscape, the natural world and the spirituality of a special place, and you begin to get a picture of my textile artwork now. Many influences have come and gone, however, forty years on, quilt making still moves me!!

I make unique, special, “one-off”, individual quilts, wall hung textiles, creating my own visual language in fabric.

I have exhibited worldwide, and my work has been purchased by the major museums of the UK and major USA collections.

My 'Quiltscapes & Quiltline' Exhibition can be seen over the next nine month period – firstly at The Bowes Museum and later at The Ruthin Craft Centre in the U.K. and at the International Quilt Study Centre, in Lincoln Nebraska, U.S.A.

Quiltline works can be purchased from the exhibitions and Quiltscapes can be purchased at www.artofthequilt.com/Burbidge.html